Laundry is a major resource accessed at the youth centre. In 2014, over 90 youth accessed our washer and dryer. Many older youth come to do laundry here as they do not have machines at their houses and cannot afford to use Laundromats. Many youth on Youth Agreements with the Ministry of Children and Family Development also rely on the youth centre for laundry as they receive a very small monthly budget. Many youth also arrive at the centre soaking wet from the weather outside. We offer them clothes from our closet and put their wet clothes through the dryer. We also have many youth from outside of Squamish who spend the summer camping and rock climbing in town and access our washer and dryer regularly. The youth centre is so thankful for the generous donation of a washer and dryer which resulted from the Breakfast Club’s tour of the centre. It is through these generous donations that  we can continue to support the youth of Squamish.