Douglas B. Chiasson has over 30 years experience. Douglas was born and
raised in Nova Scotia. After graduating from the University of New Brunswick
Law School in 1984, Douglas was admitted as a lawyer in the Province of New
Brunswick in January 1985. He practised in the city of Saint John, New
Brunswick, with the focus on Family Law for the next five years at the
Provincial Court of New Brunswick, the Court of Queens Bench and the New
Brunswick Court of Appeal.

Douglas was also admitted to practise as a lawyer in the Province of British
Columbia in May 1990. He has practised in the Sea-To-Sky Corridor since his
arrival in British Columbia in 1990 with his family. He has conducted trials
in both Family Law and Civil Litigation at both the Provincial Court and
Supreme Court of British Columbia. With a main focus on Family Law and
Personal Injury Litigation, Douglas achieved accreditation from the Law
Society of British Columbia as a Family Law Mediator.

As a lawyer in British Columbia, Douglas is also a Notary Public, and
provides notarial services.