In the early 1990’s, David Hildreth started a business club in West Vancouver. It was a club intended to refer business between various participants. Each month the club would meet to discuss various trends and opportunities in the world of commerce, get an overview from each member on how they were doing in their businesses and any possible collaborations that might be formed.

In the mid 1990’s David moved to Furry Creek, actually one of the first residents in the newly developed area, and began to promote his Sunlife Insurance business throughout the corridor. It was around this same time, Shawn Pedersen, a member of the previous club, moved to the Squamish area to work and co-own Sea to Sky Ford Sales.

In 1997 David thought to establish a business networking group for Squamish in a similar fashion to the one that had been created in West Vancouver. Shortly thereafter, the Squamish Breakfast Club was established with its core membership of David Hildreth (Sunlife Financial), Shawn Pederson (Sea to Sky Ford), Douglas Chiasson (Lawyer), and Chris Rommel (Rommel Homes). The club flourished and new members were brought in over the course of the next two years. At this time the club was free to its members and simply a chance to get together and exchange ideas.

The Breakfast Club grew fast and new members were added to the group each month. The club began organizing speakers to present everything from business ideas, new initiatives in town that needed support and organizations looking for assistance in their fund raising activities.

Opportunities to contribute to charities and other socially responsible undertakings were presented to the group which allowed the club to participate in assisting various projects throughout the Squamish area. The decision was soon made that the Breakfast Club would focus its efforts on the youth of Squamish.

Of particular interest to the group was the D.A.R.E (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) program that targeted the grade 5 population educating them on the effects of drugs and alcohol. For many years, DARE was the main benefactor of the clubs donations.

The Squamish Breakfast Club is now a non-profit society that includes businesses and their representatives, schools, the RCMP, the District, retirees, individuals and many more. The club uses the annual fees of its membership and the monies raised by its two main events; the annual Christmas Gala Dinner and the Golf Tournament, to support local drug prevention initiatives for Squamish Youth. These programs have included Go Girls for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Squamish Youth Week events for Squamish Youth Resource Center, Squamish Teen Advisory and Action Group, and Squamish Youth Week sponsorship for the ‘Positive Choices Award’. Each year the club also select four local teens for the David Hildreth Drug Prevention Scholarship.

The Squamish Breakfast Club and its membership have been able to raise over to $400,000.00 over the course of 20 years to support the Squamish community.

The Squamish Breakfast Club always welcomes new members.

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